Friday, August 3, 2007


Wow, I realized I had not put up picture posts in a while, so here's some of our babies!!!!
Velotta's Stitch (RGC Chestnut 7 legs) x Milkhouse's Cloey (Reg. Bkn Opal)
This litter should be really nice! Pictured are an opal and bkn opal, the "colored" guys of the bunch. The rest are chinchilla and chestnut babies.

Velotta's Boomer (RGC Bkn Chestnut) x LHHR's Kaluah (Reg. Chinchilla)
Black doe pictured, there is also a chinchilla doe. We will most likely keep the better of the two, and put the other one up for sale.
Velotta's Boomer (RGC Bkn Chestnut) x LHHR's Peppercini (Reg. Chestnut)
The only broken in the litter, so I have my eye on her. There is also a chestnut buck and three Chinchillas!
Velotta's Boomer (RGC Bkn Chestnut) x LHHR's Lil Gigi (RGC Bkn Chestnut)
Been callin this guy "Halfpipe", don't know why.... and maybe it's a doe... I really forget. I do know there are 2 bucks and 2 does in the litter, ha ha!
Another Bkn Chestnut from Boomer and Gigi. Tooooo cute!

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