Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I give up....

Okay, so Renee & BB's litters would be beefy 4-5 month old juniors for convention. They were looking good. Really, really good. So I thought in my head a possible entry for Michigan and I must have jinxed my bunnies, because not but a couple days later, did both litters decide to chew on each others fur. It's pretty bad and it looks like crap to me. Now what?

Not only that, I entered Honey at Yreka because she was in good condtion. We had a couple colder days and I go out to the barn today and poof.... She is molting. Her coat is now open and ugh... she was so pretty just a couple of days ago!

On a more positive note, I hope to get PJ bred soon. I know she's still a young doe, but she has the size and maturity to carry her through. I think she'd do just fine :)

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