Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yreka Double Open August 11th

We made the hour trip down to Yreka, CA for the Siskyou Golden Fair. A Double Open by SRCC was held. I took Stitch, Miami, Kokomo, BBLH3, Habanero and Hannah. I also took along Black Pearl (pre sold) and Buddy.
Show A: Show A started well under Tom Keyes. My Satin doe was in the wrong class. oops. Mini Lops went well. I won BOB with Mr. Miami and BOS with Kokomo. I also won BOSV with Hannah and Swimmer (which I sold to Lacey Jackson) won BOV. Miami was mentioned in show.
Show B: Started around 1 o'clock under Armondo Cabreara. I do not know how my Satin doe did or what was said on her because I was busy showing my Mini Lops. In the end, Miami won BOV solid and Habanero won BOV and BOB :)
We didn't stick around for BIS. In the meantime there was an issue which dragged the show on. I left when the Mini Rex juding started. There were a lot of them, so I knew it was going to be a while and we had to get home.
Overall it was a nice day :)
Today we hang coop cards at fair and prepare for bringing in the rabbits tomorrow evening.

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