Monday, July 30, 2007


Spent the morning figuring out fair entries. I hate how they are due weeks ahead of time, I hope no one goes into a huge molt!
Also tried to figure out my photo entries. I have 47 "nice" photos and about 5-10 "really nice" photos. Exhibting photos at fair becomes expensive. They have to be printed on high gloss or satin photo paper ($15 for 25 sheets), mounted on foam core ($3.25 each) and then shrink wrapped, ($2 each) A hanger must be purchased for $.25 as well. I have some pretty nice photos though, so I won't complain about the costs yet.
Went to town. Checked the PO Box. Can now send in another GC with a show report I recieved. Sent off my entries for Yreka. Entered: Honey, Miami, Habanero, Stitch, PJ, Kokomo and Hannah. I will bring BBLH7, Black Pearl and Buddy to sell. Also some miscellaneous equipment.
Went to Wal-mart. Didn't find the foam core I wanted or the acrylic paint I was looking for, or the letters I wanted to put on my carriers for nationals, so I went to scrapbooking connection. Found some letters, but that was about it. Even those were $10.99. Then went to staples. Found a foam board for my educational display on bunny butchering at fair, but found out 9x11 inch foam boards are ridicously priced!
Called ARBA. Paid my dues for my license and applications. Hope it comes faster.... ha ha!
Cloey has a solid and broken opal in the box! Peppercini's bkn chinchilla is a doe. Gigi's litter is looking nice.
Paid for my fair entries. Had to enter a few more rabbits to get a season pass. So I entered 3 of Blue Bijou's juniors. Also Buster Blue, Qunintessence and the same 7 listed above for Yreka. Sounds about right.
Better yet, the doe I am trading for Peppercini (Klara), the buck I was going to have her bred to (Yuri) passed away, so she will be bred to Tihkon. Probably equally typed, if not better, but is closer related. The BEW stock on the east coast is so interrelated, it will be interesting to do some out crossing, I am excited!
enough rambling... those were my findings for a monday. Tomorrow is the last day of the month. They are supposed to have royalty teams finalized..... soo we'll see..... :)

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