Thursday, July 19, 2007

Honey Bunn

Honey has always been a BIGGGGGGGGG gal. We got her last fall bred to her sire and she gave us 8 or 9 beautiful babies, if I can remeber correctly. We didn't end up keeping any, the only rabbit we were super impressed with was a buck. Some lucky soul won that rabbit in raffle in March. Anyways, Honey came to us overweight after winning 2 legs in WA. Now... Honey is one beautiful doe. I cannot empahsize the word beautiful! So I went out to weigh her today and she weighs 6.9 lbs. Just one ounce over! If all goes well, we will have her entered for our fair, and we can only hope she gets below 6.8 and does well, becuase we want to breed this gal. She is worth a GC certificate and her weight in gold. She's such a sweetie! *Pic taken December 2006

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