Friday, July 20, 2007

Tattooing and Nest Building

Tattooed 4 rabbits that are going to fair with us next month. All the others have tattoos or won't need one until September or October. Went well. All 4 didn't want to be tattooed, but I decided to do it while it was cooler out. The heat is coming back, so I guess it was now or never.

Gave Cloey her box this morning. She immediately went to nesting. She is *very* fat and full of babies! Last time she kindled 9 and took them all to weaning! This litter we expect a better cross. We will have updates soon.

Also, we have the catalog for the double open in Yreka, CA now. August 11th. There is also a single cavy show. Contact me for more info.

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