Monday, July 30, 2007

Pre-Fair and Entries

Well... August is almost here! You know what that means.... won't be hearin from me much. Just a preview.... August 1st -- 4-H meeting, plus family from southern CA visits. August 8th -- last 4-H meeting before fair. August 11th -- Yreka, CA double open/cavy. August 12th -- Put up rabbit coop cards and bring in non-rabbit entries, open and 4-H. August 13th -- Rabbits to the barn -- August 14th -- Open show and Showmanship -- August 15th -- Conformation show. August 16th -- Judging contest August 17th -- Mastershowmanship. August 18th -- Awards ceremony and Auction, double barn duty shifts. August 19th -- pick up rabbits and premiums. August 20th -- leave for state fair? Sept. 2nd --Triple Open/Triple Youth in Crescent City, CA.

Prefair on Saturday went well. We got all the dishes and feeders out of the cages and cleaned them, also cleaned the sitting boards. I tattoed about 25 rabbits, didn't get a single scratch even though the rabbits were non-cooperative. Took a blower to the barn and really got it clean! Went over to the poultry barn and cleaned feed dishes there, ended up getting in a water fight, felt nice though in the triple digits. Went over to the extention office to have lunch. Then painted benches and chairs. Did showmanship.

Entries are due soon. And they are adding up! Owe about $15 in open fees, then owe $42 for Yreka (entering 7 rabbits), $22 for my registrar's license and membership, but I also have to pay for registration blanks, which are $30 per 10 applications. I will need atleast 20 for the RVRF show, since I know from experience, people want to get their rabbits registered before the winter, and have tons to do from the show lull in the summer! But I also have to be conservative for Grand Rapids! That will be one expensive trip!

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