Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Babies!

Gigi kindled to 4 healthy babies this afternoon, 3 broken and 1 solid (which is the exact opposite of her last litter, 3 solid and 1 broken). She is being a great mom.

Sold 6 rabbits today.... guess that will give us some breathing space.

Satins with pictures and info are now up on the website.

Got Blue Bijou's litter chosen to a nice 5 out of 9. The blue doe is sold and going to New Hampshire in October. We are keeping the bkn blue charlie buck "Buster Blue" and then there are 3 does we couldn't decide on. A smoke pearl steel doe and 2 broken blue does. They are all pretty nice....

Also decided the choosings on Cloey's litter from March. She was bred to Hollywood Dun It. Of those 9 babies, we kept only one, a bkn black doe. We named her Hollywood Hannah and she is a very promising doe.

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