Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One.... Two.... Three.... Four..... NINE!

Cloey did it again! She had her 2nd litter yesterday, and again, she had 9 babies. There are 4 broken and 5 solid, many dilutes! She is being a great mom! Our other litters are:
Kaluah x Boomer - 1 chinchilla, 1 black
Peppercini x Boomer - 1 bkn chinchilla, 3 chinchilla, 1 chestnut
Gigi x Boomer - 1 chinchilla, 3 bkn chestnut
We will not be breeding any does until September. We will be using Mr. Miami in most of our breedings. We hope to grand out a few does so we can finally breed them. :)

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