Friday, July 6, 2007

July = No shows

Our next show is not until mid-august. We're going to go down to Yreka, CA again for the Golden County Fair, Siskyou County, California. It's a double open and hey, it's not that far to travel!
From there is our county fair, Josephine County Fair in Grants Pass. It is a cooped show, we coop from Monday evening until Saturday midnight. I always enter rabbits in youth, and enter in Open as well. I will be doing showmanship, judging and a few other events in my other club. Fair is a great time, it's an "all day, every day" event and I always sleep in the following sunday. It really requires a lot of time and dedication. I usually get home around 1 in the morning. We must report at 7:00 for morning barn duty and then there is a 2 hr indv. barn duty for every one in the barn throughout the day. The rabbits are *never* unattended and recieve constant care.
After county fair, we have a few days to prepare for Oregon State Fair in Salem. I am not sure if I am going yet this year, probably not.... Because they are a cooped show as well, and I cannot afford to stay up there a week (although we may take the chance if we can camp with other bunny/4-H friends).
Then, Labor Day weekend has to be THE BEST! RCRC holds a double open/double youth on Saturday and CRCS holds a triple open/triple youth on Sunday in Crescent City, California! Last year I had a *spectacular* time and now with the ML increase I can suspect this year's will go far better! I have been asked to register rabbits on Saturday, although I am unsure of who CRCS plans to hire/have hired.

So from mid-August on, it's all rabbit shows! (We also have 2 other weekends planned in Sept of shows and then it's MI National Convention!)
We'll sit here at home at let the rabbits start molting so they are ready for fair... ha ha.

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