Sunday, July 22, 2007

Setting down convention costs

I knew it was going to cost quite a bit of $$ to go to conventions, but... this is one of my last goals in rabbits. Who knows, I might sell out of rabbits in college and never come back or finish striving for my judges license or continue showing... you never know. Either way, I have plans to go. No matter how much it will put me in debt.

I found out the dimensions of the kennel today that Delta provides. I hope we get to fly with them. I will be contacting my "chaperone" tomorrow and see what they have planned for flight.
The dimensions are: 40" L x 27" W x 30" H. I can fit two of my carriers in one of those, 6 holes (one has larger holes). We are still trying to figure out how many rabbits we can take, but if we have our way, we have plans to take 9 rabbits with us on the plane, and 5 rabbits pre-sold (so far) with John Nyberg. I still have 5 rabbits for sale that I am willing to send to convetion.

Then there is the hotel cost, food costs, entries, health certificates, my plane ticket, the kennel cost, geez..... Thank god we aren't buying stock.

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