Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not just any bunny....

Last night I was confiding in one of my "non-bunny" friends about an issue. I had a lady contact me about Mini Lops. She was on the other side of the country and she was interested in getting rabbits from ARBA Convention. I told her what I had for sale and all the details about transporting to Michigan. She wasn't really interested in anything I had for sale, but she was interested in a junior buck I have, a junior buck I held back to replace his sire. I told her he wasn't for sale. I even offered her this bucks sister. So... I let it sit for a couple of days... I pulled him out of his cage, looked him over real well... he's a really nice animal. Will he replace his sire? Is he a unique color and does he have an unforgettable and unique personality? Maybe. Sure he does. Am I willing to sell him?
So... then I think about the reality. I am going to college. I do need to cut down on the # of rabbits I have. And then there's the point my friend brought up... "he's just a rabbit". Will I die without this rabbit? Probably not...
So... I will continue showing this buck. I sure hope he does well. He will be a junior for Yreka double and fair, but he will be a senior for the Crescent City triple, Redmond double and Grants Pass double shows. I figure I can start breeding him to my does in September after fair and CC show, get some for sure litters on the ground, and then breed him to a couple more does in October. That should give me plenty of his blood in my barn to live with. :)
That'll work, right?

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