Monday, July 16, 2007

The Three B's

Went to Roger's and picked out my new Satins yesterday. Much to my amazement, he has more of a buck problem I do, having three bucks for every one doe. So.. there were not a lot of does to choose from.

I came across two broken black bucks I liked. The better broken buck was full sibling to the broken blue doe available so I had to resort to another buck. No worries though, there was a beautiful black buck, typey lil guy. I also chose his half sister, also a black. The black buck is named Boog, the black doe Bounce and the broken blue doe's name is Brook. Don't look at me, I didn't name them!

Kaluah and Peppercini are being good mothers. Waiting for Gigi to kindle. Went through B.B.'s litter and decided which juniors I want for sure from Cloey and Jenie's March litters. I held half of the litters back and I am pretty sure I made some wise decisions for my rabbitry.

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