Sunday, September 30, 2007

Convention Countdown

As I sit here by the calendar, I realize there are only 14 full days until Conevntion starts. 11 days until I leave. I deliver my rabbits this Friday to my transporter. And I was just filling out a state royalty application in May. Where did the time go?

I have a butt-load of things to do. And where it's raining and freezing cold out, I can only do the things inside right now. Many of which I can't do because my clothes are in the dryer.
I need to:
  • Decide which clothes I will take to convention, and how much suitcase room I need. Wether or not I need to take two suitcauses and a carry on or if just the big and small one will be enough. It is going to get cold there, so I will have to dress in layers I suppose.
  • Clean my carriers! I do not know of Teri will be taking them with her or not. Either way I don't mind, but if she does, they need to be clean and fresh!
  • Continue preparing the rabbits. There are still some who need some grooming and I forgot to clip a few nails.
  • FEED! I still have to figure this issue out. I have 13 days in which my rabbits will eat 60 ounces a day (6 ounces x 10 rabbits). I have 6 days where 5 rabbits will eat 6 ounces each. That's 60 lbs of feed. I figure since the rabbits will stress a 50 lb bag will do the trick, but how do I get 50 lbs of my feed to convention, where convention does not supply my brand of feed?! I have to find dealers near Grand Rapids and see if any of those carry Nutrena Ring Master.
  • Decide what I will use for cage markers. I want to use my blue cage tags that I use here at home, but I do know they are common and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought of that.....
  • Charge all my batteries. I have like 3 or 4 sets and they take like 16 hours each set to charge. Since I don't want to be on battery watch, I'll do them in the sleeping hours.
I am sure there is much much more, I am just not thinking of it all right now.... ha ha....

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