Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bad News / Cleaning

I should start off with the bad news first. MAD lost her entire litter :( It was a huge dissapointment to find that this morning and we have no clue what could have happened....

On a more positive note, we let Hab back in her cage for a few hours while we were cleaning. She stretched her back legs really good and put her weight on that leg. It seems to be a little crooked, but she's doing well, eating well and continues to have a good attitude.

We moved a few rabbits around. I took Cloey and Peppercini's babies away from them and put them all together in one of the junior cages. I also took some pics of my juniors :) I am very impressed with what I have got. LGB3 will be Buster's backup for convention. He's a very promising buck. LGB1 also looks promising! BK1 looks very nice, as does BP1. These are all of Boomer's kids! Cloey's solid opal is a doe :) whoops. So either the solid or broken will be available in December. They both look pretty nice.

I dumped every tray in the barn. I got my carriers down that I will use for RVRF next weekend. I still need to clean the trays out though and re-fill them.

I am making convention transport plans currently. I might be switching transporters, and we might be making a trip down to Santa Rosa because of it. :) We'll see.

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