Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well... I am going :) Where? National Convention!

So... there was this huge issue with me and convention and for a few weeks there I seriously thought I would not be going.....


I got da' bug. I bought my plane ticket and am sharing a hotel with some friends. I am bringing 4 rabbits to show and am representing Oregon and competiting in royalty, achievement and management [also team breed ID & judging]

I will undoubtedly have fun :)

I entered:
Boomer *Sold, to Ken & Hannah Henry, Ohio
Miami *Sold, to Eileen & Larry King, Maine
Blue Daiquiri *Sold, to Val O'Neil, New Hampshire
Peppercini *Sold, to Val O'Neil, New Hampshire
Blue Bijou *Sold, to Alicia Trickett, Massachussetts
Cloey *Sold, to Jessica Foster & family, New Jersey

Stitch, RGC 9 legs
Kokomo, RGC 3 legs [limited showing]
RW5 [shown at CC 10 weeks old; 2nds to a 5 month old doe]
Buster [not shown]

And I am coming back with a rabbit. I am trading Peppercini for Klara, a Chestnut VC doe, bred to a BEW buck. Hopefully she will travel well and bring BEW's to the West Coast Peppercini and BD will help implement strong type and genetics into the BEW line on the east coast.

What else... I will take a thousand photos [and yes, I will share them ]

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