Saturday, September 15, 2007

RVRF entry

I decided to send my RVRF entry out this morning, as if I wait until next week, I am bound to forget!!!!! I had to go out and weigh bunnies [the Satins] to make sure they were within their limits. They have gotten to be such fatties! PJ was nearly 9 lbs, Brook was about 7 3/4 and well I forgot to weigh Bounce, but she weighs more than Brook!

I entered:

  • PJ - Satin Broken Intermediate Doe
  • BOUNCE - Satin Broken Intermediate Doe
  • BROOK - Satin Black Junior Doe
  • Mr. Miami - Mini Lop Solid Senior Buck RGC; 6 legs
  • Hollister - Mini Lop Bropen Senior Buck RGC; 6 legs

I might bring a couple sale bunnies... If so I would bring Kaluah and BBLH3. That is about all I could bring at this point, since I haven't chosen my keeper broken boys from Renee and Gigi's litters yet. Maybe I should do that today....

I also sent out the pedigrees on my sold rabbits for Convetion. I am espeically going to miss Boomer. He's such a cutie! And Blue Bijou... the world's greatest mom... well Peppercini & Cloey get those awards as well. But I hope their new owners spoil them rotten :)

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