Saturday, September 29, 2007

Long Week / Portland Trip / RVRF Show

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday went well. Seemed to go by very slowly.

Wednesday a few friends and I went to Portland. We had one idea on our agenda, we wanted to go to OMSI! We left at 7 AM, and arrived in Portland shortly after 1. We toured the exhibit halls (which were very fun and entertaining). At 2 o'clock the Body Works Production was on the OMNIMAX theater [10x size/quality sound; in a dome] and it was really neat. We then toured the Body Exhbits [bodies/parts that have been fixed for museum viewing]. We went to the Science Store, and there was a COOL rabbit shirt there [a dissected rabbits showing all ariteris and organs] but of course, I left my $$ in the car. Wed. nite we had to sleep on a floor since there was 7 of us that went. Wasn't bad, and ended up having lot of fun with my friends.

We left Portland around 6:30 and got back around 2 oclock. Have a few pics but need to download them. :)

Friday was my birthday. I turned 18 years old. Yay me. I didn't actually have a super exciting one though as we had just too much to do. Convention is coming up on us so fast and I had the RVRF show to prepare for today!

Speaking of that show. It went very well! I got there around 7 AM. I unloaded my bunnies. The show got started around 8:30 and I went to work with Roger H. Now, Roger is a close aquantance, a local breeder, a well respected judge and our district 1 director. Let me say it was an honor to work with him [practicing for royalty, pursuing my judges licence in the future] but it was still very awkward. We got started though. A bunch of Mini Rex and a bunch of Dutch, so those were the only breeds we did in A. Potluck lunch was good. I sold two rabbits at lunch, so that opened up ahole. That hole didn't stay open long, as Mandy from Mandy's Monster Farm came up to me asking if I needed a ML buck. So... I looked at the pedigree.... Velotta's Drizzt. Gee... that sounded familiar. So I didn't *need* another buck, especially since I am supposed to be downsizing! But I went to look at the buck after I was done eating, and even though he was out of condition and a lil chunky, the type was there!

I came home, the buck is an RGC; 3 or 4 legs and placed 9th/53 at 2005 ML nationals in Maryland! He even has a RIS win. He is pictured at the top.
Show B started. We had Rex and Mini Lops. Respectively I pulled my two bucks out of contention so I could work the Mini's. The Rex were phenonmoal (sp?) I have truly never felt coats like that, and almost every single one of them had a sweet set of fur on them! Andre took BOB/BOS and the two that took it were very nice animals. My bucks placed 2nd to his boys in A, so I didn't feel bad. PJ (my homebred Satin doe) beat out BOUNCE, which I bought from Roger. I am not sure how BROOK placed, since there were so many blacks! Whoever got my animals to the table, I thank them :)
Tomorrow is filled with work / getting rabbits ready for Convention. I meet Teri next Friday, so I won't have any time during the week to get my buns ready.

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