Saturday, September 8, 2007

Long week

We've had a long week. Just things to do, places to go and people to see.

We got the hay in yesterday. I am soooo happy because its the best stuff available and the lady remembered us from last year, so she saved back a couple tons, and even sold us a ton of her alfalfa that she had reserved for her own horses. We couldn't be more thankful :) I am also thankful for Mike and Trini for stacking it in the barn and my dad for driving. I couldn't do without those guys ;)

We're getting rid of 9 animals today. I just have no further need for them. All are juniors we have no intentions of keeping and yes, many could have been potential show animals, but the sales are just not coming in this time of year and I can't keep feeding them.

Took some pics and evaulated some juniors this morning. I like all of the babies in Gigi's litter. There is the 2nd best broken buck I will offer up for sale, he is very nice, so if he doesn't sell right away, I won't be unhappy. Peppercini's buck I decided on looks very nice. Kaluah's doe I am keeping is a seal chinchilla, but she is pretty promising as well. I put them in with Pep as Kaluah needed a break [much older doe, has had more litters, ect.]

Renee's litter is growing by leaps and bounds. Boy I know some of them could do well at Grand Rapids. The one doe RW5 is just "WOW" and the bucks are coming in right behind... the three stooges... they are so comical.

I decided to keep just 20 cages. They are all on one wall, neatly stacked. That would leave me 15 animals for seniors, 2 cages for growing out juniors and 3 brood doe cages. Pretty good eh?
So... I have a 3 hole hutch for sale [very nicely made!!!!] a single 24x24, a 18x20 [with tray] a 20x24 pet style condo cage [with tray, on rollers, all accessories] plus a double 30x30 cage.

Anyways, back to life. I'll try to update often.

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