Monday, September 3, 2007

Convention Canidates

So, convention entry deadline is coming up. The 11th. That is just a week away! My original convention plans have changed [yet again] and quite honestly, I am not even sure what I am doing yet!!
Cloey, Blue Bijou, Blue Daiquiri, Peppercini, Miami [poss. Boomer and Kaluah] will be entered, they have deposits down on them and transports secured.
As for Satins, all four I have look nice. But... I don't work with the Satins much so I doubt I will enter any.
Honey is too fat, Jenie is retired, Quintessence just doesn't have a flowing body I desire, Renee is retired and Habanero has a hind leg injury from this weekends show; even if she does recover, I still wouldn't risk bringing her. MAD will be on a litter, Gigi is on a litter, Stitch is past his prime, as is Hollywood, Sunset will be on a litter, Bridget and Lil' Hollister are past their prime showing ages.

What does that leave me?

Renee's litter, two solid does, two broken bucks and one solid buck. 4 of them had a major chewing war. 3 look salvageable if I seperate them completely. Blue Bijous litter I am afraid is a slow growing line, and even though they are older than Renee's litter, they just won't be there. That leaves me with Kokomo. [Hab is out]. 4 rabbits. Out of..... 19 seniors, 6 juniors and 13 babies. *sighs* A huge trip, for 4 rabbits to show and royalty and an experience to last a lifetime. What shall it be? Well I contact the travel agent tomorrow... so... we'll know sometime around then I guess. :)

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