Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hind Leg Injury

First I will start off with the hind leg injury, a topic I have been hesitant to write on yet, but I need to get it off my chest..... Last weekend at Crescent City, I was busy working. I had asked others to show my animals for me. It worked well, my rabbits got up to the table and back into my carriers without little worry from me. In the 5th show, Randy Shumaker brought it to my attention that she would not pose correctly because of her back leg. He let her hop on the table and she for sure, was favoring that hind leg. He said she would have placed first and possibly have gone for breed, but he didnt want to stress her out more so I did take her off the table. When I got home, I placed her in a hay packed carrier. She has been in there for a week. In the evening I will take her out and put her in her cage while I clean the carrier and restuff it full of hay. She seems to be getting better, the swelling and heat has gone down. She is an RGC with 8 legs [2 BOSV, 3 BOS, 3 BOB] and those were in the bigger shows. I was going to take her to Redmond, Grants Pass, Grand Rapids and continue showing her this winter. Most likely I will be retiring her now, so that is quite depressing. She is a huge sweetie that doesn't deserve this.

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Stacey J said...

Hey - so sorry to hear about your doe at Crescent City! Which girl was it??