Friday, September 14, 2007

Random thoughts - rabbits and otherwise

So, we have just gotten busy since I decided to go to Michigan. Which was a BIG decsion, to say the least. I figured... it's the last year I can compete for royalty [and if I didn't go, Oregon wouldn't have a team], all my family lives in Michigan... and it's the last year I'll be able to attend a convention, mainly because of school and... well... life goes on. That outweighed the school days I will miss and the money it will cost me.

But I am super excited, as is for everyone else. Before I even knew I was going [my parents bought my ticket for me] I had several e-mails from Oregon league members congratulating me and wishing me the best success. My friends [non-rabbit] are excited for me even though they really do not understand how the process works. I just know this will be an awesome, awesome one in a lifetime experience.

RVRF is rolling up fast. Just a couple weeks away. Entries are due postmarked on Wednesday. I think I will enter just five rabbits. 3 Satins and 2 Mini Lops. They are all looking fine and are in good condtion. The Satins.... PJ - a huge WOW on this doe, she still has a couple body faults, but that fur [which is 50% of a Satin] is to die for! So dense, and great texture! Brook is looking good. She's got a deep and massive body on her, good fur on her, she does have some scattered white hairs though. Which is one of the reasons why I chose not to send her to convention. Bounce -- Bounce is very deep, but I'm afraid doesn't have the width to balance at this age. She's got a pretty good fur on her, she's still young, but I wanted to compare her up to PJ. I would have entered Boog, but he's not feeling well right now. Miami looks great, and so does Hollister. Hollister was a late blooming buck, finally getting his coat after fair, and with his success at Crescent City, I'm going to take him, even though I swore I would be retiring him again!

Habanero is still in her carrier. But looks better and better everyday. She still carries that leg wrong, won't put it down straight, but she is putting more weight on it and is more.... content. She still looks utterly pissed for being stuck in a small carrier, but she is eating/drinking and pooping well. I am extremley depressed to be retiring her already! She is quite the fancy lady!

Convention bunnies..... I entered Stitch, Kokomo, Buster and RW5. For starters. RW5 has only been shown once. She took some 2nds to older does [as she was only about 10 weeks] and she had promising comments, just wasn't old enough to run with the big dogs. I figure give her another month and she may be spiffy. Buster... has only been shown once, at fair. He was just weaned and took a 2nd, I didn't care for the comments he recieved, but I didn't care for the judge either. I personally, think he is a promising animal. He's a stinker to pose but we will be working on that. His fur, hopefully will come in before then.... Stitch.... Should be past his prime, and I should have just retired him... But when I pulled him out the night of the 11th, I just couldn't leave this sucker home. He is such a nice buck! And I still, do wan't to thank Nicole for him. He is a HUGE sweetie! He completely molted out right after C.C., so he looks very handsome right now. Kokomo [which is a Stitch baby]..... The judges didn't agree with this doe at C.C. but I LOVE this doe. I think she's got a little bit of length/narrowness to her head, but she's got a good crown/ear and a terrrrrfic body! She also holds superior flesh and fur condition. So... she went on the list.

Have been trying to get a few does bred! I know I don't need any more litters right now... but some of these gals just need to be moms. And I need to use my boys! I have three leaving for convention and I need more of their blood!

I am going up to Portland on the 26th and 27th. Shall be fun with some of my amigas. Then I am coming back home for my birthday on the 28th, and then the RVRF show is on the 29th. I will be working with big daddy Roger Hassenpflug and practicing for Royalty! I need to start studying again.... I want to do rather well.... if that's possible....

until then, I am done rambling for now. Tomorrow I will re-try to breed some does and clean some trays. Maybe groom some bunnies. Or ride my horse. Who knows. :)

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