Friday, October 5, 2007

On the Road

I came home early this morning, the rabbits were already loaded and ready to go and we made the 3 hour trip to Redding to drop them off to Teri. From there, she will drive them to Kathie at the Santa Rosa show. They will go home w/her until she leaves for convention, and they will have a long trip over to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Getting the rabbits out of the way certainly makes more room for concentration on packing/school, but I do miss them. When I came home and seen my 4 fave's empty cages I got a lump in my throat hoping that they will have a safe trip there.

I did manage a glance at the four I sent for myself. I must admit I made some nice choices and I hope they hold their condition. RW5 had a small profile, but very typey! Buster was lacking in the fur and a couple nit picks, but I still liked his overall flow than the other two BJB's I had. Stitch looked nice for his age and Kokomo had a glow to her. I just don't want my rabbits to place dead last, otherwise I could care less how they do. I'm going for fun and mainly to compete for royalty and represent Oregon :)

In the meantime there were no success in breedings. I don't think I posted but I did breed my Satins does. Hopefully all three of them took :) It has been a long week and now I begin to prepare packing for convention. If I feel a little better, I might go out and clean some cages and move some rabbits around. I also have to evaluate my juniors because I still have people interested in rabbits, and I do need to downsize more.

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