Wednesday, October 31, 2007

3 down, 1 to go

The Satins kindled today :)

Bounce (Bkn Blue) had 7 babies. Bkn/Solid Blues

Brook (Black) had 8 babies. Blacks

PJ (Bkn Blue) had 10 babies. Bkn/Solid Blues

*These babies will be fostered, and the Satins will have time to re-coop. They will be bred before leaving for CA. That will be the end of our Satin adventure. We just don't have room to keep them now being I can only have 10-15 rabbits.

Klara is due tomorrow. We are hoping she will bring healthy BEW's to the west coast! (She is a Vienna carrier) Wishing her the best :)
Klara in New Hampshire *Photo of FireDove Rabbitry.
Tikhon, BEW buck Klara was bred to *Photo of FireDove Rabitry

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