Saturday, October 20, 2007

Picture time!

Took about 175 photos at convention. Quite a few for the lack of time I had on my hands. I will share some with you all! And I will have more in the near future!
[this post will be updated as I get more photos up]Cute Himmie!
Belgain Hare.... so weird...
Opal Mini Satin (they passed their first showing, Congrats Randy!)
Red Mini Satin (they passed their showing, Congrats Randy!)
I don't remember who has the COD for Siamese, but they passed their first showing!
Copper MS - Passed their showing, Congrats Randy!
A bkn blue buck of Roger & Ron's. His name was PSYCHO. :) I love how Roger comes up with the coolest names for his rabbits.
Blue Silver Marten on the open side. His ear number was "FLAT". :)
A cute Rhinelander giving McKenna a kiss...
A Blue Tort English Lop, who looked dead at first glance. Thank god he WAS breathing!

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