Saturday, October 27, 2007

Productive day at the least....

Came home yesterday evening. Had a real dinner and worked on some homework. :)
This morning I woke up around 6 (since that is my usual time) and went and fed my horse. I checked on the rabbits. I got the boxes down as I have four does due within the next couple of days!
I then proceeded back to the warm house, got online and checked my messages. I tried doing my online homework but I... did not succeed. Well actually I succeeded, but I failed. lol. oh well.
I then went out and lunged my horse.... Shes actually getting pretty good at the jumping thing... Clearing 3 feet while free lunging. Not bad.... I left her out in the round pen [since we are getting the pasture to grow seed] and went down to the rabbit barn.
I cleaned out my nestboxes. I let them dry while I found some bedding and went and got some hay. I filled them up and gave my three Satin does their boxes. Klara will get hers tomorrow. I know PJ and Brook have babies inside them, but I haven't got a glance at Bounce... She's a toughie... lol
I dumped 6 trays and then dumped the wheelbarrow. I gave all the rabbits the oxbow hay I had left over from convention. That crap was expensive! I gathered my feedbags and put them in the burn barrel.
I evaluated my juniors (yet again) and seperated the chin doe from her bkn chestnut siblings. She was trying to chew on her sister and I want to show her sister BAD, so she got her own cage. Overall this is what I thought of the herd at this time.
Klara [pregnant]
Honey [to be bred soon]
Sunset [on litter of 3, will look at her babies the next time I come home]
RW4 [nice, but I still like RW5]
RW2 [nice, but I still like RW3]
RW3 [nice buck]
RW1 [nice buck]
Fiona [nice doe, more broody than show....]
LGB-Chinchilla doe [nice type on this doe!]
Bounce [pregnant]
Brook [pregnant]
PJ [pregnant]
LGB-Bkn Chestnut doe [very nice type]
LGB-Bkn Chestnut buck [nice, but I "could" part with him]
BK1-Chinchilla doe [nice doe]
CRV1-Bkn Opal doe [nice doe, but I "could" part with her]
Drizzt [nice cond. for older buck]
Habanero [still doesn't hold that leg right, will breed her next month?]
Renee [missed to Miami, so will re-breed soon]
Gigi [recovering from litter, will be bred in spring]
RW5 [verrrry nice looking doe!]
MAD [need to re-breed]
Buster [looks decent, but does some slope in that HQ :( ]
Stitch [want to show him, but he is a big boy... so not sure if it's worth the risk?]
Kokomo [small molt, will be done by Red Bluff]
Bridget [bred to Drizzt, hope she took]
Miami [small molt, will be done by Red Bluff]
Hollister [should probably show him in Red Bluff, still has it at 2 yrs]
Took some pics and groomed some rabbits. Came in and worked on homework. Mike and his dad came over, and now back to doing more homework. *sighs* the work never ends!

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