Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crescent City


Left at 5:30 AM, got gas and headed out 199 towards the coast. Driving at a good speed, got there at 8:20 (show supposed to start at 8:30). Not to worry though as I wasn't the only one who was a bit behind on things. Was able to unload the rabbits, pay and breathe before the show started up.

I paid my dues, chatted a bit and waited for the Mini Lops to come up. Show A was under Randy.... he DQ'ed Maid Dignified for being overweight (2-3 ounces) and my others... didnt do jack. Show B was under Tom Keyes.... He picked Maid Dignified first but picked some junior doe over her for variety.... whatever. Show C she stepped up to the plate under Cathy S and won Best of Breed. She was taken out a few times for BIS, though there were some really nice animals up there! A was won by RIS - Don/Judy Atchison, BIS - Mindy/Melanee Smitts. B - RIS - Don/Judy Atchison? and BIS was a Mini Satin by Larry/Sharon Web. Show C was RIS a French Lop by Jenn Martin and again the Mini Satin.

I finally visited the cheese factory! Mhm.... it's sooooo much less there than in the stores (like a little over $2 / lb) And the weather was sooo chilly. 105 in GP yesterday and going over to the coast, I'm not sure it even broke 60.


Arrived to the showroom shortly after 8. Satins started up right away under Roger and some of the breeders weren't there so since I didn't have anything to do I carried. Watched the Satins for a while and waited for him to get through Rex so we could show Mini's. Roger DQ'ed MD for being a brick... lol.. It worked out the same in B too under Melissa, even though they all loved her. Maybe next time. I got rid of my 4 Mini's and the 3 French... so down to just 5 bunnies on the way home. Registered for a bit, chatted with breeders and... well that was about it. CC is all about the camping, showing rabbits is just the part on the side.

***Waiting for results on the ARBA elections....

I could say a bit more, but I'm too tired to post more :D Resting here for a bit before I get back to dinner/games/fun. I will probably head home tomorrow.

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