Thursday, August 28, 2008

State Fair :D

So, Wednesday night was spent golfing with my sister and then preparing for the show. I got a couple hours of sleep and left for Salem shortly after 3 AM [yes, I am crazy]. On my way up was pretty boring, but I did mention to see a blazing forest fire right outside of Roseburg... Scary!

Unloaded my single bunny MAD and stood in line to get vet-checked. I was a late entry, so I recieved a big number, #114. I always thought triple digits were just for our horse shows.... geez.

Left the other 4 bunnies in the car. Parked in nice shady area and it was no problem at all.

I found myself a spot in the rabbit tent and started grooming MAD. Where I've been grooming her since the week before county fair, the hair kept a comin! I finally got her to where she was 'suitable' for showmanship. I then waited.... and waited... There were 5 big classes of seniors to get through and I was in the last class. Charlcie Gill was the judge. I got a blue and a call back and MAD behaved well.

I then waited... not too long though. I managed to call Annette back to get in touch with her so she could pick up her pair. I then was in a class of 10 call back Seniors under Vern Palmblad, where I was picked Reserve Grand Champion. Not sure what I did wrong to not win, but oh well... No biggie... I mean... it's only state fair ;)

Then broke for lunch.... I spent most of my time on the phone.... which I like talking to people but not one after another or another and then someone else would call or text... So I didn't even get to walk around the fair.... I would have probably gotten lost anyways!

Then was Conformation. It seemed like Mini Lops were one of the last breeds.... They took up a whole table under Becky McCall. MAD won a Blue, but since she was in a heavy molt (and a flabby two years old) she didn't go any further.

I then gave Annette her pair and brought the 3 to Vanessa. Hard parting with MAD but I didn't break down crying like I anticipated I would. She'll get spoiled enough.

I wanted to stay longer, but I had to meet up with Robin in Brooks to get the three French Lops and once I saw I-5 I decided to head home. ha ha.... I got pics... mostly of the beautiful steers and lambs....

The trip home was more experienciable... seeing dust tornadoes, lots and lots of hay. On the Corvallis overpass, a half of a house (those movable kinds) had flipped over and there was major traffic back up. Dodged a semi-tire laying in the middle of a road, semi almost flipped on it's side and saw the end result of that fire I saw just hours earlier.

So, I'm home. Frenchies are happy.... rabbits are happy. horses are happy. I even got to see Barack Obama's acceptance speech. Mike is gone cleaning out the cabin in CA and the wedding is this next saturday.... tomorrow is getting ready for Crescent City... leave early in the morning yet again. I might have to make a trip into town to get bedding and camping food and when I get back I have to breed two does :)

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