Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Be careful what you wish for . . . seriously!

Earlier this year, I pondered the thought of having a really nice broken buck... I haven't had a 'real good one' since Dean. I almost bought a really nice buck when he went for sale, but I told myself... I'll get one in a litter.... I'll get one in a litter. Winter, Spring and most of Summer has passed. I even brought home a nice broken buck from Washington State Convention. Don't get me wrong, I love Keepsake, but I wanted something young and fresh and I could show.

Well... I got my wish.

Habanero's 2 babies are -- BUCKS!

Pacific Pride's 3 babies are -- BUCKS!

and the best of Secret Score's litter is a BUCK!

So, I'll be at 7 bucks and 8 does for my "Final 15" :

Stitch #VEOR4 – Chestnut
Keepsake #KS11 – Bkn Chocolate Chestnut
Boomerang # BP2 – Chinchilla
Kenai #KI – Chestnut (Vienna Marked)
- #SSLH (Bkn Chestnut)
- #PPL (Bkn Chinchilla)
- #HL (Bkn Chestnut)
Kassidy #SCI – Chestnut (Vienna Marked)
Scidget #BD – Chestnut
Summer #RW5 – Steel
Dignified #LGB3 – Bkn Chestnut
Mozzerella #KM – Frosted Pearl
Maddelyn #MB1 – Bkn Blue

I'll keep the best doe from Secret Score's litter. And of course, I will keep the best bucks from both Hab and Pride, but I'm always fond to those brokens. The solids will have to be preeeety nice to pull me away from keeping the brokens.

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