Saturday, August 9, 2008

Random Notes

Amy has her BEW page up at SourCream has 4 of 7 VM's and Klara has 1 of 6 VM's. Gives me high hopes for my next BEW project breedings. :)

Easy Summer and Keepsake's babies are all chestnuts.... Go figure.

Fair Starts tomorrow... (the slower stuff...) Rabbits go in monday night. My last one I am able to compete in, so kinda feels weird, I feel old. Im not entering much this year because everything is on litters, or pending sales.

I found transport for Heather's rabbits... atleast to Sacramento. Pacific Pride will leave bred to Stitch and one of MAD's bjb's will go down there for new blood. I am hoping that this same ride might be able to work out for Vanessa and Annette as well... we'll see. I'm hoping I can kill three birds with one stone, and leave the 4th bird to Muriel transporting the pair to Mike and Leslie at HDH. That would mean, I wouldn't have to attend OSF or HDH, and I could save my money for another show... or more logical... school stuff...

In less than a month, I will be doing collegiate 4-H and becoming a 4-H leader for Benton County. It feels really weird moving into a leader position so young, but I hope to get a spot in rabbits (or one of the other animals areas I've raised). I still dont know if I will be riding Rex or not... He's only grown another half a hand since I seen him last, he's 17.3 hands at 4 years old. I have to measure Sierra and get her a new winter blanket. She tore a hole in the wrangler one I bought for her a few years back.

My tubing from KW came today! So I will be starting on the auto-water as soon as it cools down. I am soooooooo excited, I got all of my questions answered and I am ready to put 15 holes on auto-water permanently.

I also finished my seven chapters for my ANS class.... now to studying for my math class and I should be good.

The website is updated...

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