Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bunny News

I am going to State Fair this Thursday. MAD and I are competiting in showmanship & conformation. There I will sell her, KMM1, KMM2, SCI2 and MB4. That will open up a few cages for me. I am transporting three back which makes the trip a little more worthwhile.

Friday will be rest/get ready for Crescent City. Crescent City is 5 open shows and 3 youth shows, where I wont enter in youth this year, I am entering 5 in open. Boomerang, Getaway, Dignified, Keepsake and Maddelyn. Boomerang is molting, but I hope he finishes before the show.
I am also taking Pacific Pride, MB2, MB3 and Kokomo to head north and south to join with their new owners. Thanks to Randy for bringing Heather's two bunnies south, and to Muriel for taking Mike & Lelslie's pair up to the HDH show in a couple of weeks.
I am also registering rabbits there... I have enough blanks I hope. We'll also camp :D

Habanero and Pacific Pride's babies are all doing well. There is a chin, bkn chin and bkn black steel from Pacific Pride and a chestnut and bkn chestnut from Habanero. Landen put forth some good genetics and these guys are just the cutest things! All 5 of these will likely stay until December, where I will pick a buck each.

Secret Score's litter is doing well. I've been doing some early lookings and I have my eye set on a steel doe. She is just looking oh so nice! The buck I want to keep I am no longer sure of, and the other bkn doe is a seal steel.... imagine that. I will probably keep 1 -3 until December.

Summer's litter is doing good. We lost one of the babies, but there is a chestnut, bkn steel and bkn chestnut. The chestnut is a buck and the other two look like does. These guys will all stay until December.

I have just one rabbit now left to wean onto the auto water. Within the next few weeks I'll have a couple more to train as I switch juniors over to the other set of cages.

My summer is winding down... lots to do... Mike and I have to bring the hay in here as we are down to less than a ton.... have to fix the water for this winter and get the horse barns cleaned. We also have a wedding coming up in a couple of weeks and packing to do for school. It's likely I won't post until after Crescent City.... but I'll come back with pictures and hopefully all good news :)

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nvelotta said...

Good luck! I'm glad Landens babies are looking good :)