Monday, August 18, 2008

Those "Special" Bunnies

MAD and I competing in Round Robin (Master Showmanship) on Friday of County Fair. Last year I lost by 5 points, this year it was 3. oh well :D Either way this picture made the city paper... Photo of
Every good hearted breeder, atleast once in their years of raising rabbits, have come across those "special" bunnies that are extra hard to part with. I've parted with many that I regret [Venice, Dean, Sugar, Snuggles... just to name a few] but they all passed through my barn and left permanent effect to where I still remember them today. I can vividly remember Venice's irreplaceable coat of "vanilla smelling fur", Dean's dozens of typey, typey litters, Sugar's water scare and Snuggle's loving personality. Now I am reducing majorly for college and have parted with some really nice animals already and my next best animals are soon to follow. One animal I have sold, one animal I will miss... is LHHR's Mist At Dawn "MAD".

MAD was a result of Sugar's water scare, bred to Dean, Sugar survived and kindled a healthy litter of 9. In this litter, were a handful of bucks [including Swimmer!] but there was one dilute doe who always stood out. I ended up keeping her... At RVRF she took a close 2nd to a Von Arx Doe and some very nice comments at Red Bluff. As a senior, she won her 1st leg at EERBA for BOSV over a ton of Mini's under Cliff Dick. She would have been 1st in show B but Randy Shumaker DQ'ed her for being 3 ounces over. The following weekend, she won BOB under Jeff Jewett at Pear Blossom. A month later she won double BOB at Myrtle Point. She took some 2nds and 3rds at Canby (where she was beat by up and coming Habanero). At RCRF Memorial Day weekend, she took double BOB open under George Germaine and Carol Green. The next day at the youth shows, she was also double BOB and 2nd runner up. At fair, she was Champion Mini lop and 2nd runner up. We won GC Showman and were Reserve Champion Master Showman. She then became a mama to a healthy litter of 8... all broken blues. We are keeping a bkn blue doe and we have named her "Maddelyn". At fair this year, she was Reserve Champion Mini Lop. We were again Grand Champion Showman and she did another year of Round Robin. She will now go to Oregon State Fair with me, where she will compete in Showmanship and Conformation. I will then, pass her on to Vanessa Borquez of Velvet Touch Rabbitry, where she will live on to be a "demo 4-H bunny, brood doe, and spoiled pet". She is more than welcome back in our herd later on down the road if/when they choose to part with her.
MAD with all of her wins

This year's county fair... Friday morning before Master Showmanship

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