Saturday, August 9, 2008

Automatic Water !

After months of talking about it....


So far, one rabbit has figured it out... 12 (+6 babies) left to figure it out before I start removing waterbottles. I am soooo scared to remove them because I've had water-weaning issues before... it sucks.

I dont have it on the auto-refill valve yet, I have to find a short hose but I filled the bucket up and bled the air out of the lines. I will see how much they drank in the morning.

It looks nice... just what I wanted :) $200 + later for 15 holes.... mhm. I had to have more tubing sent twice so there were some unnecessary shipping charges due to my bad calculations.
Now, just to figure out what to do in the winter :D

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Keep said...

When I tried to switch a few of mine to top fills, I gave then tiny crocks or very small bottles of water- that way they didn't go completely without, but they were encouraged by thirst to work the new bottles. It only worked for a few of them though lol!

Good luck with the water weaning! :)