Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm home from county fair :)

Monday: The rabbits went into the barn... everyone vet checked and got a few hours of sleep.

Tuesday: The open show went very well... Maid Dignified was Best of Breed, with Keepsake winning Best Opposite and Exclusive Getaway winning Best of Variety both for their first legs. This is MD's 7th.... and it made it even better when she won Reserve in Show!
That evening, I won Champion Senior Showman, and won Grand Champion Showman with MAD. One incredible bunny for the stress/temperatures that night.

My Educational Display won Champion Senior and Grand Champion! It's also on it's way up to state!

Wednesday: Was the 4-H Show... MAD was Reserve Champion and Hollister was Champion. Hollister also won Grand Champion / Best In Show!!!

Thursday: Was the Judging Contest... I won Champion Senior Judge and Grand Champion Judge.

Friday: was Master Showmanship... last year I lost to the Pygmy Goat Showman by 5 points. This year I lost by 3 points, to the same girl.

Saturday: Auction! GC Lamb went for 14.50lb and GC Steer was almsot $5 lb. Awards night... They handed out certificates and gift cards instead of trophies, so I got 2 $15 gift cards to walmart and a $15 towards wild river resturant... so that's pretty cool.

There was much more to report, but thats the most important rabbit stuff. Did lose a rabbit to the 118* record temperature heat, but lost a few other animals at county fair. By the 3rd day they had bought a HUGE fan... Round Robin was insane at 2:30 in the afternoon friday I was baking before I ever went in that arena... but MAD (and her backup, her daughter) came out just fine...

The rabbits are home and happy...Now we have to figure out State Fair stuff and our Crescent City entries...

*I'll have pictures soon... I got a couple I need to get before I download.

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Qadoshyah said...

Congrats on the wins! Sorry about the loss of Hollister :(. One thing I am throughly enjoying about Oklahoma . . .the weather is awesome right now!! 70-80 degrees, couldn't ask for better.