Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Babies :) and more cleaning ;(

Summer kindled 3 of 3 kits this afternoon: 2 broken, 1 solid. The sire is Keepsake, his 2nd litter so I am excited to see what I get (his last litter was all chestnuts). This will be my last litter until December.

While she was kindling, I took the time to do some cleaning. I had to dump all my trays today. The bunnies are really molty so all the hair in the trays made the job extra hard. I've been trying to get some rabbits groomed for the upcoming shows. I removed Secret Score's box and let the babies have the entire cage. I have my eye on the bkn chestnut buck and the better colored steel doe. I dont know why, but I just like them -- they stand out ;)

I've still yet to decide if I'm going to state fair... If I find someone else from my county going I'll go I suppose. I might go to the HDH show September 13th. I have several reasons for heading to Corvallis on the 14th, so why not go a day early right? We'll see.

I have an off-topic post that's running through my head that I'll post later this evening. I am in the process of updating the website right now.

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