Monday, August 4, 2008

News: Good, Bad and Other :D


*LHHR's Oopsie Daisy won her 2nd leg for BOV. She is Secret Score's sister. Congrats Amy, hopefully you can get a 3rd leg on her!
*LHHR's Lela is doing good on her colorful litter of chestnuts by Keepsake :) I would hope to get something more than chestnuts in my litter from him, but I probably wont get that lucky.

*FD's Klara has 6 chestnut kits by LHHR's Boomerang.
*LHHR's SourCream has 7 or 8 (I forget!) by Velotta's Stitch -- for Amy down in San Diego. We're waiting to hear back if any of these are Vienna Marked, and positive colors on SC's litter. Sounds like she might have gotten some fawns? pretty neat :)

*Rebecca has LHHR's Hollywood Dun It up for sale in SW Washington. I would hope that he goes to show/breeding home so I am kinda posting here for him. She's keeping a nice looking Jr. Doe from him [which can be seen here] I kinda wished I kept my daughter from him, but she should do some good in Utah

Summer's 4th kit (born 20 hours after the others) is doing good with a full belly.

I think I have figured out the auto-water situation, with a little brain storming done in the barn this morning. Actually, I'll have to admit this works out better.... but

I have to order more tubing! I should have just ordered more to begin with, but whatever.... If I'm going to line the lickers up next to the feeders I need 10 inches of tubing per cage minimum (should proably be a foot just to make sure!!!!) and while I'm at it, I myswell order more incase I mess up or decide to run more cages in the future.... UGH another 1-2 weeks of waiting....

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