Saturday, December 13, 2008

The younger guys :)

LHHR's/Velotta's PPL - I have side pics of this guy too... but I can't just get over his head piece. This combined with his body, lands him a senior spot in our barn and I'm highly considering taking him to ML Nationals as a young senior buck.

LHHR's/Velotta's PPL - This Chinchilla doe took me away too....

LHHR's/Velotta's PPL - This doe... amazes me as well. Her posed shot isn't very good so I'll re-try in a couple of weeks. [They haven't been worked with at all since I left for college]
[Overall this litter of 3, I like them all... what do I do?]
LHHR's SSLH - To be honest with you, this isn't the original steel doe I had tattooed and had my eye on; but the smaller sister went into overdrive and looks better than the other steel at this point. I'm going to pull both of them out until I leave and finally decide, but today at this point I like this doe better :)
Yes.... she's a doe :)
LHHR's ESBK - This doe wasn't too cooperative in posing either, but she's a pretty promising doe from Keepsake and Summer, who carries chocolate!

LHHR's/Velotta's HL - This doe has been chewed by her sister, so I wasn't too happy in posting pics but I've decided to keep her over her solid sister. I'll seperate the two and get some pics of her in a couple of weeks.
A little Hab junior :)

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