Friday, December 12, 2008

All rabbit business :)

I'm home from college. Finals week is over. It's all rabbit business from now on :)

On my way home, I had arranged to purchase a Holland Lop doe. For two weeks or so, I had bene looking to purchase a house rabbit. I went to my favorite breeder, and where she had some nice ones to look at, transport just wasn't possible. So, thinking of more Holland breeders, I contacted another on my way home. The first one that caught my eye was a broken tort buck, but he had a deposit on him. I went back to the first breeder I contacted, and found out who she'd reccomend. She sent me to someone in my hometown (which I later realized I knew) but they didn't have anything available. So, at last resort, I contacted the second breeder again, visited her website and up pops this rabbit that was not on there before! My jaw dropped.... she was just too darned cute! I e-mailed, and early the next morning they called me. They were willing to meet me late that night; I got through my last final, picked up the doe and headed home.

As soon as I took the doe to the barn, after not being home months on end... I discovered my barn a little dirty and unorganized. But, all of my juniors WOW me.... I don't know what else to say. I am getting a photo shoot tomorrow if it's good weather and I will share my love of some of my favorites! I will definately have some young yet mature seniors to show in Monterey.

I placed the Holland in a single carrier and brought her inside the house. It was there I discovered her good type and sweet nature. She is so cute, so calm and perfect. I couldn't have made a better purchase. I will be keeping her pedigreed name with respect to her breeder, but she'll have a pet name, which I am currently coming up with.

I have pictures, but I'm going to upload all my pictures at once, so I'll share her pics tomorrow!

Scidget's babies are.... FAT and HUGE and healthy buggers! They are already eating pellets. I'm kinda sad I've missed out on their birth and kit stage but right now they are in that "OMG look" stage about 3-4 weeks now. Maid Dignified and Summer are due here again soon, I am hoping for good results or I'll be very sad. I need these babies for Mini Lop Nationals juniors. :)

I'll have a few animals posted for sale tomorrow with pictures:
*LHHR's/Velotta's PPL - Broken Chinchilla Doe (VERY nice!)
*LHHR's ESBK - Broken Steel Doe
*LHHR's ESBK - Chestnut buck (very nice!)
*LHHR's SSLH - Chinchilla Doe (very thick and wide!)
*LHHR's SSLH - Chestnut Doe (pretty nice)
*LHHR's/Velotta's HL - Chestnut Doe
*LHHR's SSLH - Steel Doe (very nice)
*LHHR's SSLH - Bkn Seal? Steel Doe (very nice doe!)
*LHHR's SSLH - Bkn Chestnut Doe (very nice, might keep?)

Check back for pictures!

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