Saturday, December 27, 2008

More babies!

Dignified finally popped this evening! 3 of 3 babies, 2 broken and 1 solid! I am very much relieved now, and only one doe to watch now.

I sexed Ex. Getaway's litter of 3. There is one doe who got nest box eye, but there are another doe and buck who look good. So as long as the type is there, they will be 5 months old for Mini Lop Nationals.

I also looked at the two steel does, and I reverted back to the one I originally tattooed. She looks better this week.... ugh!

I also pulled out my Pride x Landen litter, again... just to drool over them :D

Boomerang looks to be in good condition. If I can get to any shows this spring he might go back on the show list. Not that he needs to be, but I like having good senior animals to show occasionally.

that's all :) I will be updating the website this evening.

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