Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coming home happy :)

I went to our old feed store today looking for a rabbit cage. Where the rabbit cage was very nice, it isn't what I wanted. I had asked over the phone what rabbit feed they carried now, and where they still only carry the Purina green bag on a regular basis, the lady special ordered me 5 bags of Purina Fibre 3. I'm very excited to start using it. The holland doe I just got who has been on it a while, looks amazing for a 2 year old brood doe and the food I was supplied to switch her over looks and smells so good. Yesterday I called a feed store about 60 miles RT from me, it was $13.95 a bag there (which is cheaper than my reg. feed and way cheaper than my show feed!). So I'm willing to pay $15 a bag, with a price break for 5 bags, and have it be here right in town. And ordered only when I need it :) So I left there cageless, but gleaming that I get the feed I have heard so many good things about! I am very excited to start my Mini Lop Nationals list on it :)

So then, I went to the store... had to pick up a few things for school and some things the family needed. There, I checked the dog area for a collapsable kennel (thanks Christina G. for mentioning that!). At first I only saw the big ones, but I turned around and right there was a 18 x 24 collapsable kennel with tray and handle! It also has two doors and a divider! Since my new doe is already litter trained, I bought a corner litter box too. The kennel was only $38... cheaper than any rabbit cage I was looking at!

So my little girl is in her new cage staying in the house till I go back to school. She likes it a lot :)

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