Sunday, December 28, 2008

Small updates

I just got done cleaning the barn last night. I dumped all trays, cleaned some cages and moved some rabbits around. I also re-did cage tags and am going to move some extra cages in the back of the barn.
My two new litters are doing well. Looks like Summer may have some steels, so atleast they are not all agouti's :). Dignified's three babies are SO fat and well fed. There is 1 Bkn Chestnut, a solid agouti and 1 broken that I think may be a chin.
It looks like "Mia" the Bkn Chestnut Doe I'm keeping from Easy Summer Breeze and Keepsake, might have got pregnant after all. She is showing all signs. Where I have no clue when she might have got bred, she has a box and I'll wish her the best of luck before I leave.
I have been allowed to breed one more doe. LHHR's Mozzerella (Frosted Pearl) who is just turning senior, will be bred to Keepsake (Chocolate Chestnut) for some interesting colored, typey babies!
I named the Bkn Chestnut doe I'm keeping from Habanero, "Ellie Mae". She'll have to wait until mid-march to get pictures. She's a slow grower, so we'll see how she looks in a few months.
And for more Bkn Chestnut does, this is the doe I am keeping from Secret Score and Lil' Hollister. I recently changed my mind on this matter but I think it's a wise choice. I decided to name her "Kendall". I attached some photos of her below.

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