Saturday, December 6, 2008

Atlanta Photos

A direct flight was muchly appreciated :)
Lovin the snowy rockies :)
The first state we met when we got to Atlanta..... GEORGIA!
Looking down from the 21st floor.... spooky!
The day it wasn't rainy/foggy
The Westin... the hotel next door
The spinning Hard Rock Cafe ball
This sign was posted outside of Hard Rock...
Georgia is known for Peaches... but all we got served were canned ones :(
I thought this was pretty cool... you can see the globe on top of our hotel in the building on the left....
This is the house MLK Jr. was born in....
and this is where he is at now...
A statue thing at MLK Jr gravesite
Dan Thurmon was his name... He is excellent speaker and juggler; very motivational.
Since we couldn't take pics inside CNN, this is as close as I got...
We were happy, as Pendelton is a town in Oregon!
I forget this comedians name, but this was the funniest event of all of congress!
This dinner was too..... formal.
All dressed up and ready to go!
Georgia Aquarium...

Wolf Gang Puck catering.... need I say more... this was amazing!
Ready to go home! Dressed in our wonderful Orange shirts...
The beautiful sunset (it looked way cooler in person... this picture sucks!)

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Susie said...

AWESOME! Looks like you had fun! Thanks for sharing! :D