Thursday, December 18, 2008

Does due... again

Summer and Dignified are due here again soon. I had written it down when my parents had re-bred them but I left that note at college, so since they were acting squirrley I decided to throw a couple boxes together and give them to them. They have started nesting immediately. I am almost positive Summer took, but I am really not sure on Dignified. A few more days will tell.

In the meantime, I have nearly decided to keep a Steel doe from Secret Score, and keep the two broken chesntut does from Summer's earlier litter and Habanero's litter. They need names. I have decided to keep Pacific Pride's entire litter of three. I named the broken buck "Zeus-Kennedy" and the does "Hera" and "Hades". They are just too stinkin nice to let go. Scidget's litter, is 1 cute buck, but the other two picked up a mild eye infection so I can't guarntee they'll make the Mini Lop Nationals list, which is why I NEED these litters from Summer and Dignified. If she doesn't sell soon, it's likely I'll rebreed her so I can have a replacement from this nice doe. I might just try and use Zeus-Kennedy.

The weather has been nasty. We've been snowed in for days, with freezing temperatures, lots of snow and more foul weather to come within the week. I unhooked and drained my auto water system a few days ago and gave everyone a plastic crock lock. It works well for the time being. The pipes up to the barns burst, so we are bucketing water up to the horses. It's no different than if it was not drained and frozen... it happens every year. Under my parent's care, my mare looks excellent... I cannot complain! I'm hoping to have a high school equestrain rider come look at her and potentially leaser her out. Maybe after the holidays.

I was supposed to go pick up feed today, but there was just no way to get out the driveway or make it into town. Hopefully within the next few days though!

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