Friday, December 26, 2008


I really was just kidding about the bad weather being over with last week... as we went through another week of snow and ice and were snowed in for days (and nearly still are), but now, we hear the worst is over. I sure hope so, I've got to go back to school next week!

My parents never wrote down the day they re-bred my does for my Mini Lop Nationals litters. I assumed they bred them right after they DOA'ed and lost their litters last time, so their inital responses were "the 21st and 22nd". Well that got strectched out to atleast the 25th.... They learned their lesson, they will write it down next time!

Summer kindled to EIGHT babies this afternoon, all uniform and most likely all chestnuts. I checked on them right after she kindled so I wasn't looking for color or anything, but that's what's most probable.

I am still waiting on Maid Dignified.... hopefully tonight! I would like atleast two nice litters to go through over spring break.

Also, Summer's daughter, the broken chestnut I'm keeping may be pregnant. We discovered the "cute chestnut" was a buck when his bkn steel sister kindled a unexpected litter a few days ago. Unexpected so it was a bad result, but we have a box in her sisters cage incase she got bred as well. She was in with him an additional month, so it's possible from now to a month from now if she has babies. We'll see... These guys turned 4 months old on Dec 2nd, so these guys are pretty early bloomers. I hope Summer's next litter can physically be mature at that age, so they dont die in junior competition. They will be around exactly 4 months of age....

While the weather is bad, I'm working on 4-H stuff for my club. I figured now would be a good chance to get ahead of things while I have extra time on my hands!

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