Monday, June 2, 2008

Sighs of relief

My last day of finals was Friday -- so happy!

Saturday morning, 9 AM I showed up to the GPHS track to participate in the Josephine County's Relay for Life event! Basically it's a 24 hour walk for cancer, where you walk / donate money and well there are a bunch of other random things that go on too, but it's all in good crazy spirits and it was a LOT of fun! I also did a LOT of walking! At 10 AM was the lap for surviors, then it was the teams lap... I then walked from about 10:30 to noon, talked with my neighbors (who are cancer survivors and rabbit raisers :) ) then walked a few more laps and... a few more. Sat down around 4 to watch some friends Karyoke... and walked from 5 to midnight straight. No breaks to stretch... nothing. Around 10 PM they started the luminira, which they put decorated bags around the track of people who have died from cancer. The quarter mile track was filled, sometimes 2 or 3 bags wide. Candles were placed inside and lit. Also, HOPE was spelled out on the bleachers and those were lit as well. It was really neat for it to be dark out and the only light was of those as they read the names of those who were not so fortunate. We watched Miss Ter Relay pagent at midnight, sat down for a little while as my friends little brother was in her sleeping bag. Played touch football around 2 AM and proceeded to sleep for a few hours at 3. Prayer, Music and breakfast woke us at 7 where we continued to walk the track.
If you've never done a relay, I highly reccomend it... our small/poor county raised almost a quarter of a million dollars, with the majority being donated while we walked. Many of the "off" events were primarily to raise $$. For $3 you could have someone "arrested" and thrown in a "jail cell" and itwas $2 to bail them out. All $$ was donated, and at $5 a person.... a lot of $ was raised that way just for the laugh :)

I went home, and where my eyelids tried closing several times I manged to stay awake all day.... I looked over Sour Cream's juniors and decided on a couple of does (one which I want to keep) and a couple for Amy to look over. I groomed my 5 rabbits I'm showing at Convention. The srs coming off dainty molts, they still hold excellent flesh condition. I'm really excited because I think this is the best string I've taken to convention... I took 2 BOS last year and BOSV broken.... with a very small amount of animals last year too.... so in high hopes. If no good success, I am still registering rabbits and there for the banquet and FUN! :) I will come back with lots of pictures, I might have my new dig. camera by then!

MAD's babies have gotten so big! But on the bright side they all have nose markings and good color on their back, so they should all be showable by a judges opinion. Atleast IMO if I were to register one, I would consdier that enough color. Kokomo is due on the 9th, it seems like it's been forever! but I want her to do a good job, because I have homes lined up for both her and Miami, so I want to get a good solid doe from this cross!

It's so exciting that Newport is this Fri-Sat-Sun! I should get into town today to go shopping... :)

Mike brought the hay in last weekend. 15 tons.... WOW. Only 3 to 5 tons is for us though, the other goes for the cows. We got a deal on this stuff, the "good" stuff we wanted is going for $250 a ton... which is ridicoulous. Everything goes up when gas goes up.... It was nearly $4 a gal here but they are trying to keep it One station will be 15 cents cheaper than all the others.... ha ha! Between insurance, gas, tuition/books, room/board, the rabbits and my horse... I am broke nearly 24/7 :)

Today I'm going to a coming home party for one of my best friends who was in Estonia, Europe for a year! So even though school is out, my hectic lifestle still goes. I did some updates to the website yesterday, check them out!

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