Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oregon State Convention!

WOW is the word I will start out with. And if this post gets long, or confusing at times, forgive me... I've had a few long weeks and am still very sleep deprived!

Thursday and Thursday night were filled, I left Medford around 6AM and got home, loaded the rabbits, packed my stuff for the weekend into the SUV and left for Newport. I arrived, I set up a table by the sec'y table to register and parked my rabbits nearby. To my happiness, Tex Thomas couldn't make it to the show (unfortuante for him) but Roger got hired! which was way cool, even though I didn't get him as a judge. They also hired old Vern to replace another judge who didn't make it.

Went crusing in the town, got some pics of the beach... most of the cute shotps were closed so I found a hotel to stay in. Woke up at 6:30 AM, got ready and went to the show. Met up with Vanessa and she took crusty Miami, where I began to groom some of my own rabbits. Mini Lops were up after I finished watching the Satins under Randy.... this was a no comment card show, which ultimately, the first time I saw this in Canby I didn't like it, but I liked it here!!!! It made things soooooooo much more smoother.

Easy Summer Breeze went first, so did Boomerang. He was Opposite Variety and she was Best. Maid Dignified won Best Variety broken :) Easy Summer went Best of Breed! Registered a ton of rabbits. chatted with fellow breeders. clerked. the usual :)
B came around, the placements were swapped, not in my favor but no biggie! I'll deal with 2nds in big classes/competitive rabbits lol!
Registered a few more, and went to town when the show breaked. I got a fruit bowl thing for the banquet and visited the ocean another time. The banquet, was FUN! just like last year but better this year!

Started off with the auctioneering of some items. That broughti n a lot of $$ for the youth going to Louisville this year. McKenna was duchess and Kim was Queen :) After the royalty results us youth, current and old kids who've competed royalty/gone to nationals presented Muriel a surprise award. It was really meaninfgul and we all got to say a little sentence about her and how much of a positive aspect she's been for OLRCB royalty and continuing judge Julie Forestler's dream of sending kids to convention. Then was sweepstakes, I was 1st in Youth last year, so I got a cute.... bag/backpack thing with our names/placement printed on them. Matches up nicely with the aprons we got last year. ha ha! Then, Roger presented my neighbor and LONG time Satin breeder Jackie Alu and city-town friend Carl Hanhart with plaques, inducting them into OLRCB Hall of Fame.

Got some sleep. kinda. Then woke up this morning, show C I watched the Satins and chatted with my old fellow breeders there. I really miss the breed, really really bad! A couple breeds later Mini's were up. Easy Summer was Best of Breed, Boomerang Best Opposite! YAY! Summer was pulled out a few times for BIS, that was exciting!
Registered quite a few more rabbits. chatted. visited a lighthouse before i left, it was really neat to go all the way up inside of it.

I got a TON of pics... but the are large so I have to figure out how to resize. :)


Sunny Brook Rabbitry said...

Congrats on your great wins at the show!!! How exciting!

nvelotta said...

Wow! Congrats on all the wins :)