Monday, June 30, 2008

Convention Sales List

LHHR's Mist At Dawn - DOB: May 2006
Grand Champion, Broken Blue
4 legs (3 BOB, BOSV)
MAD has a special place in my heart, serving as my showmanship rabbit for many events. She's been through 2 Round Robins (Master Showmanship) where 18 other "non-rabbit" showman showed her -- she did very well. She's currently on a litter, 7 of 8 living, all showable broken blues. We are liking the type on this litter, so we are going to keep a doe and replace her.
MAD has a great head, nice crown and ear. She is deep, wide, good length of body and good shoulder. She has great full/wide hindquarters, but she does slope. She has a mixture of lines, primarily consisiting of Milkhouse and Velotta. I really am looking for the most appropriate home for her, if I turn you down, please do not feel bad.

LHHR's Easy Summer Breeze - DOB: June 2007
Grand Champion, Steel
7 legs (6 BOB, BOV)
1 Reserve in Show & Honorable Mention in Show B
17th SJD @ ARBA Convention 2007 Michigan
One smokin doe! Her show debut started in September 2007 where I showed her at Crescent City. At 10 weeks of age she ate up 2nds in the California competition, showing her promise as a show doe. Taking her to Michigan at a very young age, she was the smallest/youngest doe in her class, but placed 17th with respectable comments from judge Kevin Hooper. Since, she's eaten up 6 Best of Breeds, 2 recently at Oregon State Convention. They are all at larger shows. When she hasn't won, she comes in 2nd or 3rd to a respectable doe ahead of her.

Easy Summer has nice type. She's deep, has width to balance and good length of body. I like her shoulders, midsection and hindquarters. She's a bit finer in bone than I'd like. She needs a better head/ear/crown package to balance all that body she has but she comes from good headed animals so if bred to a nice buck I don't see that being a big issue. She continues to hold superior flesh and fur condition at a year old. She has been bred for a late July litter. [I may keep her around for a second litter... not sure yet]

LHHR's Habanero - DOB: November 2006
Grand Champion, Bkn Chestnut
8 legs (3 BOB, 3 BOS, 2 BOSV)
Habanero hit the show tables with a bang, winning BOSB at Emerald Empire 07', loosing to our BOB Stitch. The following week out she was BOB at Pear Blossom and continued her show wins from there out. Her last show winning BOSB at Crescent City, she sustained a leg injury in the show coop and so we retired her. We were very fortunate for her to make it and she handled the stress well. She was on our entry sheet for Michigan, but because of the injury, she never went.
Habanero has a great head/ear/crown for a doe. She has nice shoulders, good depth and pretty good hindquarters. I haven't posed her in a long while (due to the fact I dont like handling her a lot because of her leg). She's lost some flesh condition since being retired. She's due for a late July litter.

LHHR's Pacific Pride - DOB: January 2007
Bkn Opal, NBS
Pacific Pride has never been shown because when she opened her eyes at 10 days, she obtained "nest box eye" and despite our best efforts, she went blind. She is however from Velotta's Renee (4 legs, 6th at Texas) and Velotta's Waltor (10 legs, 22nd / 88 at Texas). She has a nice head/ear/crown for a doe. I haven't pulled her out in a while but I always loved this does type! I really wished she could have made it to the show table. She's due for a late July litter.

LHHR's Secret Score - DOB: January 2007
Reg. pending, Chestnut
1 leg (BJR)
Secret Score was a doe I especially liked. She placed well at Oregon State Convention (after winning her first leg in California) but I decided to retire her to motherhood, due to her larger size and level-headedness for a litter. She's got a great great head/ear crown. Very wide, great shoulders and hindquarters. Very nice topline and bone. She hasnt ever really given me a good coat of fur... It's been longer and more harsh than I like it but I like her body better which is why she's stayed. She's due here next week for an early July litter.

LHHR's Maid Dignified - DOB: July 2007
Grand Champion, Bkn Chestnut
6 legs (4 BOV, BOSV, BJR)
This doe is one of my favorites! Her first show out in Red Bluff she wins BOV (with Easy Summer winning BOV solid). Judge Allen Ormand was distraught that he couldn't pick two does as BOB and BOSB. He ended up going with Easy Summer, and thats the way the judges have chosen ever since. Personally, I love this does rock hard-to die for body -- she's got it all. Width, Depth, Length of Body, excellent shoulders, midsection, loin and hindquarters, a very nice topline and an excellent coat of fur/flesh to top it off. She is lighter in bone than I'd like, but I'm being very picky. She has a great crown and ear, perfectly placed ... but her head is not wide enough to balance with that rockin body she has. She's due for a late July litter.
I will not quote prices until litters are born and established. I have 3 Bkn Blue Jr. Bucks from MAD I would almost [thrown in] as breeding pairs -- I would rather them go to show homes than pet/4-H out. Sire is Buster Blue, who was 11th BJB at Convention last year. Great for starting dilutes, and have possibility of carrying chocolate -- among other things. Most details are outlined on my for sale page, and other pictures/additional info can be viewed on the does pages of my website. Any questions, please e-mail me at

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