Monday, July 7, 2008

It's getting there!

Sorry I haven't posted recently, been rather busy this last week. While I am waiting for the heat to die down, I thought I'd post to let everyone know I'm still alive :)

Have been working on the barn in the spare time. Trying to get it prepared for this fall and for a good few years in general. What we have always wanted to do is finally getting done! I thank my boyfriend's dad for the wood he gave me to replace the siding on the barn. The cages will be brought out individually, hair will be burned off and then they will be pressure-washed for a like-new look. We've fallen behind on some seasonal cleaning so the work is long overdue.
Some leveling of the barn floor will be done and the auto-water system will finally be hooked up! I discovered I didn't order enough tubing so we had to wait a couple extra weeks.

The rabbits are handling the heat very well... very fortuate for barn location and air flow exchange. We have decided who we are taking to county fair -- so that will be a plus. Since I'm still 18 I can exhibit in fair (also in Open class) and if possible, if a good judge is hired for State Fair, I may make the trip this year. We'll see.

Secret Score recieved her box yesterday. She has already nested and pulled fur. I see activity in her belly so we are hoping for a large live litter by Hollister! I think these guys should cross well :)

I decided just to keep 2 Vienna Marked animals for my project. I liked the VM doe from Klara but she was just lacking too many type qualities. I would rather roll the dice in breeding those VM's to non carrier animals and getting some good typed, marked offspring. I really like the Chesnut VM's I'm keeping... really a huge step to more structrually correct Mini Lops.

One of these days, before mid-September for sure, we will have a final photo shoot for the website. I will do some graphics work on my sold animal photos to make the website look more uniform as despite my best efforts, I always use a different background or none at all. I'd like to get the animals in good condition right now and I have way too many does on litters and does bred.

Not much else is new... doing homework, stuff for fair, working, and finding time to breathe every once in a while.

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