Monday, July 28, 2008

The Planning Starts !!! :)

I have 3 big trips to plan . . . and I haven't started on any of them so I have decided to spend some of my free time this week to planning :) Gotta get it done sometime and I have somewhat of a dead week right now before fair.

November 25th-December 3rd 2008 - Atlanta, Georgia
4-H NATIONAL CONGRESS! I need to get my plane ticket and reserve my hotel room. I am pretty excited! I'm not sure how far the airport is from the hotel we are staying at (the hub for all events for 1000 4-H members . . .) but hopefully not too far. I have a project that I need to submit before August 1st, which is a couple days away; I haven't even looked at it :( I'll get on that today, I promise! I also need to go clothes shopping because we have certain dress requirements we have to follow.

April 24th -26th 2009 - Monterey, California
MINI LOP NATIONALS! I waited a little bit to announce that I will be making the trip. I need to remind myself in Feburary, when scheduling for Spring goes on, I need to not plan classes for Friday and preferably Monday. I am looking for someone to carpool and room with! With gas being almost $5 a gallon, the logical solution would to split costs. Either way, I will end up going. I should have 9-10 seniors available to show and 3 litters of juniors about 4-5 months old. :) I will also have 3 NICE senior does available pre-sold or for sale their (with their juniors available as well). With this plan I will not go over 15 rabbits! I am so proud of myself! Anyways, as Chris stated in his DM article, hotel rooms need to be reserved asap, so as soon as I figure out what I'm doing I'll get on that. I decided driving is the least expensive way to go, even though it's 11+ hours of driving -- ugh!

October 31st - November 5th 2009 - San Diego, California
ARBA NATIONAL CONVENTION! My second convention in three years, I must be incredibly lucky or just plain stupid! With Michigan putting me in the hole at over a grand... this convention should be cheaper but still on the upperside with gas and hotel costs. Thankfully no plane tickets, kennels, health certificates or transport costs for rabbits to pay for. Yes, should be much cheaper. I will miss 4-5 days of classes, I have not decided how I am going to deal with that yet but I must go . . . What can I say? I'm a hardcore rabbit addict :)

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