Thursday, July 24, 2008

Babies :)

After a couple days of waiting, we have been blessed with babies from our broken does Habanero and Pacific Pride. Both litters are sired by Velotta's Landen, a GC Chinchilla buck with 3 legs. I am very happy Nicole let me use him!

Habanero had 2 of 5 babies... She has 1 solid agouti and 1 broken.

Pacific Pride has 3 of 3 babies... 2 broken and 1 solid agouti

I fostered Pride's to Habanero because they were both smaller litters that I felt needed each other. The brokens had distingusiable markings and there is a size difference in the two agoutis. If needed, I can always mark the kits until they get older.

Does not look like Dignified took... she has not made any attempt at a nest. Summer will recieve her box next week. I think I want to hold these two does back at home until I can breed them again.

We will decide our county fair show list in a few more days. I will also make my State Fair and Crescent City show lists asap. [my last show of the year most likely, so sad!]. I would like to go out with something memorable, but I'm not counting on it, my show list is kinda stinky with all my good stuff on litters or out of condition.

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Keep said...

Hey! I hope your birthing troubles poofed! My doe finally passed her DOA. Thankfully! I was worried to death I'd lose her!